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‧ 10+ years experience in :
 - Big Four
 - International Bank
 - Bank Manager
 - Finance Broker

‧ Professional Knowledge and always focus on confidentiality

‧ No fee policy within Successful Wealth Home Loan and Finance

‧ 40+ panel of banks and lenders


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Kelvin Yeh


Kelvin our chief finance manager has about 20 years of experience in different industries and has accumulated over ten years in bank manager role and elite broker field.


For the experience, he has worked in the one of the big four banks in Australia and bank manager role in the well known international bank as well as worked in elite broker firm.(Past experience, ANZ, HSBC Group)


Kelvin is very well known with banking and finance knowledge, already served thousands of friends and customers.


As a top broker that Kelvin will assist you all the different banks and lender's with their policies and promotion as well as look after friends and clients from time to time.


Kelvin's father is from Hong Kong, a mother from Taiwan, proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, focus in customer needs and privacy.


Kelvin is looking forward to be your life time adviser and friend.

Willa Wang - Sunnybank

Willa is very good with Mandarin and Shanghai, she has over 10 years of working experience from two of big four banks in Australia. She has excellent banking products and professional knowledge, focus in customer service and positive attitude.




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